Proposition Summary

Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce
Proposition Summary
October 21 2020


At its regular meeting, the Board of Directors of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce took the following positions on select Propositions that appear on the November 3rd ballot:

Proposition 15 – Known as the “split role”, it will remove Proposition 13 real estate tax base protections from commercial property and require reassessment of commercial property to fair-market value every 3 years.

NO – This is a “first strike” assault on Proposition 13 that is intended to eventually overturn Proposition 13 for all real estate.  The provisions of Prop 13 addressing commercial real estate are promoted as “loopholes”, they are not.  Proposition 13 is described as “rickety” among other things.  It is not.  One tv ad for Yes on Prop 15 suggests that passage of Prop 15 will lower other taxes.  It will not.  Proposition 13 works exactly as it was intended to operate.  It is the anchor of the tax system in the state of California, probably the most successful proposition ever and must be retained at all cost.

– – –

Proposition 16 – This proposition reinstates Affirmative Action in California.  Affirmative Action was banned in California by proposition a number of years ago.  This repeals that proposition.

NO – Reinstating Affirmative Action will add more restrictions to small business and leave them vulnerable to law suits for transgressions that never happen.

– – –

Proposition 20 – This roles back some of the “reforms” that were deceptively enacted by AB109 and Propositions 47 & 57

YES – The propositions that Prop 20 roles back are the propositions that made shoplifting acceptable up to $950 per occurrence and made a number of violent crimes “non-violent”.  A large number of Walgreen’s stores in San Francisco have closed because they can no longer absorb the cost of the theft.  These propositions have been credited to be a major cause for the rampant increase in homelessness on our streets.

– – –

Proposition 21 – This is a rent control measure and will expand the properties that are subject to rent control to include single family homes.

NO – A similar proposition failed last time that it was proposed.

– – –

Proposition 22 – Addresses the dispute between Uber and Lyft has with the State of California regarding the employment classification of their workers.  This was put on the ballot in direct response to AB 5, which was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor to codify the Dynamex case decided by the California Supreme Court and defines the distinction between employees and independent contractors.  It essentially makes everyone an employee.  AB 5 requires Uber and Lyft to classify all their workers as employees, Prop 22 allows them to remain independent contractors

YES – This is a very emotional proposition on both sides.  On one side, Uber and Lyft make enormous amounts of money, but the workers make very little.  However, AB5 requires Uber and Lyft to classify their workers as employees and provide mandated benefits such as health insurance, overtime and family leave.  But I predict that the controversy surrounding this issue will continue no matter the outcome of the proposition.   The United Chambers of Commerce supports this measure.

– – –

Proposition 25 – This reinstates cash bail.

NO – Legislation to eliminate cash bail was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor, however, the Bail Bond industry sponsored this proposition to reverse that.  Right now, the law eliminates cash bail and criminals are not required to post any kind of bail or bond.  They are simply allowed to go free.

Respectfully submitted

Halloween Costume Contest, Bike Ride and Treasure Hunt


We believe that we can all still have fun and celebrate Halloween without having to put our safety at risk.

This Halloween, we invite Toluca Lake’s local kids to come out for a bike ride around our community while wearing their spookiest costumes followed by a Treasure Hunt.

There will also be a costume contest afterward where we will post photos for all the kids who will participate and lots of fun prizes will be given out. Everyone in our Toluca Lake community is encouraged to come outside to their lawns on the bike route (we will send out routes just prior to 10/31/2020) on Halloween morning to cheer and support our local community. In an effort to keep everyone safe, all participants are required to wear masks and must practice physical distancing per CDC guidelines.

The awesome home decorating contest will again be organized by TinaSmithHomes.  To participate please visit https://www.tinasmithhomes.com/halloween/  

Winners will be published in Toluca Lake Magazine and will receive a gift card to your local Toluca Lake business of choice. The winner will receive a treasured brick for eternity at the TL Clock!

October 31, 2020
11AM – 1PM Bike Ride & TL Community CHEER
1PM – 3PM Treasure Hunt

Entertainment Industry Seminar & Mixer

Thursday, November 12, 6:00 pm  –  Free to all!

Seminar Topic:  5 Top Takeaways from the virtual 2020 American Film Market with Adam James, filmmaker and President of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce. Fun, educational and great networking for writers, directors, producers, actors, musicians and anyone in the entertainment industry!

RSVP to President@TolucaLakeChamber.com to get the Zoom Meeting ID before the meeting.



Install the Zoom app ahead of time.

2020 Annual Members Meeting

The Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce
2020 Annual Members Meeting
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM


Install the Zoom app ahead of time. https://zoom.us/download

Virtual Meeting via Zoom.

All Chamber Members are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.

To sign up, please email the Chamber President
president@tolucalakechamber.com The meeting ID will be sent to you ahead of time.

Thank you very much for your support of the
Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce.

  * Must be a current Chamber member in good standing to attend.

How to Join The Chamber

2021-2022 Business Directory Coming Soon

Free Chamber Membership for One Additional Year
with each ad placed in the soon to be printed
Toluca Lake Business Directory

Let everyone know that you are open again. We are very sympathetic to the challenges our members are facing with the COVID-19 restrictions, and we are dedicated to the success of our small business community. We are including an additional one-year of free membership for no extra charge for every Chamber member who takes out an advertisement in the new Directory. Let people know about any changes to your business.

If you are not yet a member, you can join for free until the end of the year.

Please drop us an email and let us know if you wish to
Reserve a spot in the directory info@TolucaLakeChamber.com

In combination with our Toluca Lake App, the Chamber website and email campaigns, the 2021-2022 Business Directory will provide excellent marketing that will be in the homes and local business for the next two years.

Thank you all very much for your support of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for 2021

California’s Sexual Harassment Mandatory Training Law in Effect in 2021

Sexual harassment training was supposed to be mandatory for virtually all employees in California as of Jan. 1, 2020. That was thanks to Senate Bill 1343, which was passed in September 2018. However, that date has been pushed back to Jan. 1, 2021 because of SB 778, which state lawmakers quietly passed in August. SB 778 pushed back the implementation of SB 1343 by a full year.

You’d be forgiven for being mistaken and not realizing employers had another full year before they are mandated to be in compliance. CapRadio was. In a correction, the media outlet wrote, “(SB 778) came with no announcements or notification from the lawmaker’s office.”

That said, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers would encourage companies to that haven’t already begun the process may want to explore how to do so this year so there aren’t any surprises with compliance issues in 2021. The more your workers understand about sexual harassment and your company policies for dealing with it, the more likely it can be appropriately handled from the start (which means better morale for your workers and less chance of litigation for you). It will also allow you to be prepared well ahead of time so your company isn’t scrambling last-minute to comply.

What Does SB 1343 Require

As it stands, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) outlines a number of unlawful employment practices, which include harassment of an employee either directly by an employer OR indirectly by agents of the employer with the employer’s knowledge. This is the provision under which many California sexual harassment claims are filed. An “agent of an employer” is a co-worker or other employee of the company. If you report the harassing conduct to your employer and your employer does nothing, you then may have grounds to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer.

SB 1343 requires any employer who employs five or more employees (including seasonal and temporary workers) to extend a minimum of two hours to train all supervisory employees AND at least one hour of sexual harassment training to all non-supervisory employees. After the initial training session, additional training must be conducted at least once every two years thereafter.

The law also directs the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing to develop and/or obtain online sexual harassment prevention training courses for both the 1- and 2-hour requirements. The department must also make develop or obtain fact sheets and posters on preventing sexual harassment in California. These materials, to be produced in multiple languages, are intended to be made available to employers, employees and the general public.

Every employer must obtain these information sheets and materials for reproduction and distribution to workers.

Some of the information available on these posters should help employees by:

  • Identifying sexual harassment as illegal;
  • Defining sexual harassment under both state and federal statutes;
  • Describing examples of sexual harassment;
  • Detailing the employer’s internal complaint process for reporting sexual harassment;
  • Explaining the legal remedies available through the DFEH;
  • Indicating how to contact the DFEH;
  • Explaining state laws that protect workers who report sexual harassment from being subject to retaliation.

An employer who violates any of the requirements under SB 1343 can be compelled by the DFEH to do so.

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