Jack Ritter Photo Albums

Thank You to Jack Ritter for preserving these photo albums and memories.

Thank You to Peter Generales for sharing the albums with us.

Thank You to Steve Hampar for having some of the pages of this photo album scanned so everyone can see them.


These photos seem to have been taken in the 1980s and show the year each business was established.  Notice the Bogy Company dating back to 1910.  Please share with us any memories these people and stores bring to mind, and let us know if you would like to see more from these albums. info@TolucaLakeChamber.com


5 Responses to Jack Ritter Photo Albums

  1. Jon Molin says:

    Boy do these bring back memories. Having lived here nearly 40 years it’s nice to see that there are still photos that depict which where we were. Hope we can get more donations to the “Album.” Needless to say the video and the History Lessons from R. Bogy are informative and super interesting!

  2. jeanine dotres says:

    Does anybody remember the restaurant(s) that were at 4323 Riverside Drive where the Toluca Lake Health Center is now?

    • Richard Bogy says:

      When Toluca Lake’s Riverside Drive was known as “Restaurant Row”, The King’s Arms was located at the current Toluca Lake Health Center (N/E corner of Valley Street and Riverside). It had a sister restaurant in Encino called The Queen’s Arms. Some other restaurant’s included Alfonse’s, The Red Snapper (later Sorrentino’s), Currie’s Ice Cream (where the Toluca Mart is now), Tick Tock (later Barone’s), Jack Webb’s China Trader, Kosherama (later “Chow’s Kosherama), Chapman’s Ice Cream, the original (and first) International House of Pancakes, Bob’s Big Boy, The Yankee Peddler, Ernie’s (Italian market, prime meat and deli), Jason’s Steak House, The Smoke House (off Riverside), El Torrito, El Chiquito (off Riverside), Roy Roger’s (later Café Francais), The Hot Dog Show, and on……

  3. Frank Visco says:

    The original Toluca Mart was located at Pass and Alameda and was supermarket size.