1958 Ride Through Toluca Lake

Take a ride down Riverside Drive through Toluca Lake in 1958 past Bob’s Big Boy, The Money Tree, The Tick Tock, Gaby’s and more.  This was the real American Graffiti.

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2013 Ride Through Toluca Lake

Video by Steve Hampar inspired by the video taken 55 years ago that was featured in our March newsletter.
Fifty-five years from today people will enjoy looking back to see Toluca Lake as we know it today. Thanks, Steve! Continue reading

General Charles Forman
Toluca Lake’s Founding Father

by Richard Bogy

One of the most popular television shows of the 1960’s was Bonanza, which told the story of a fictional character named Ben Cartwright. But was that character really fictional? Well, perhaps not entirely. There was a real person whose life greatly mirrored that of the television character, and that person is Toluca Lake’s founding father General Charles Forman. Continue reading